Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday and No Mail

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Ok, so Monday is mail call and I didn't receive any letter last week from my Compassion International kids, but my sister did! So I thought I would share her letter from her young man in Thailand, Sattawat.

First I'd like to tell you a little about this special young man. He lives with his grandparents, or atleast his grandmother, while his mother works in another province some distance away. He doesn't get to see her often, and misses her dearly. He has 2 older sisters, and you can tell he has had a lot of female influence in his life, by his tenderness. His passion is cooking, and he is going to school right now and in some sort of cooking program. He has taken a found attachment to my sister's son Jonathan, and always asks about him, and about his diet to make sure he is getting nutritious meals from all the food groups! (the dietry cook in him! ;) )

He starts with greetings, and asks how her and her family are doing, but then specifically says "I hope that your son is doing well also." He goes on to talk about how his studies now are becoming quite hard, and having four projects he is working on now. To help his grandmother with generating income, he makes breads and such to sell at a market. So this young man keeps very busy. He tells her "Please pray for me examination and please send your encouragement to me." My sister writes quite often, but I think her relationship with him, helps him cope more with not having his mother close enough to see frequently.

He also talked about a trip his took to visit his sister in Chaingmai province. I was surprised it was his sister and not his mother, but I'm thinking maybe she lives closer. He talked about visiting many places like the market and a restaurant. He says "I had a lot of fun with it." He also talked about his many activities he does at the project on the weekend, like Bible Classes and worship services. And lastly he says "I have quiet time in the morning and pray for you sometimes if I wake up early in the morning. Keep walking in God's way all the time."

This isn't his most recent photo, but it was the one I could find on the computer so you could put a face with a name. He wears his hair a bit shaggier now.

Did you receive any letters from your Compassion International kids this week?

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