Monday, October 3, 2011

Mail Call Monday!

As I went to title today's blog, I realized it was Monday, giving me opportunity to share last week's letters. I only received 2 letters, but I am so thankful for those letters. It always seems a disappointing week when I don't hear from any of my Compassion International kids. I absolutely love mail. On the days I don't have to work in the afternoon, if there isn't too much commotion in the house, I can actually hear the hum of the mail car driving down the road...and our house isn't really that close to the road. :)

My first letter is from my dear David in Ecuador. He turns 16 in June. I tend to get frequent letters from him, though they tend to come in spurts. I'll hear from him real regular, then I may not for a month or two. He has the most eloquent handwriting for a young man, and he is also quite the artist. Though he didn't color in his drawing on the back of his letter this time, which makes it a little hard to see, so I'll wait to share his next drawing with you :)  He writes "I send greetings and letters to you. I feel very happy to know that I can trust in you every moment." I've noticed with his letters that lately he seems to be more open. That he isn't always "happy" but that sometimes he has struggles. He tells me he prayers "I am blessed every moment." And "Thank you for your prayers you sent me, they help me although my young life is difficult, I never give up and I know the Lord is with me and with you." He also share's his dream of having his own record room to record praise music in. This young man is so full of talent, I envy him a bit. He can draw and play about a dozen different instruments, all of which he learned on his own, because his school does not offer music classes. I am so proud of him, and I make sure to always tell him. He encourages me!

Next is Karabukirwa, my 19 year old young lady from Rwanda. I haven't been sponsoring her long, and this is already my third letter, which I have heard is unusual for Rwanda. This letter really broke my heart. I love how honest she is in her letter. She asks how I am doing, and says "At school I got 50%, next time I will do better. My family is also fine and the goats and pigs" I thought that was super cute that she also added how her animals were doing. I told her we also have goats, and I wonder if that may be part of why she added this bit of information. She also wrote "My choir released an album and now we listen together." I thought this was pretty awesome! Her basic information may have mentioned choir, but I have noticed with the older children, sometimes that information is a bit out dated. She goes on to say "we're renovating our house (I thought this was neat, until I read) according to the government laws, pray for my mom because we know it will cost her a lot, but we believe God will help us and pray for my final exams. I would be glad to receive your picture (which I have sent :) ) and am glad you are my sponsor." I really love this young lady, and will definitely be praying and in preparation to send a family gift for this single mother household. Please pray God can multiple my small gift.

Have you received any good mail recently? I'd love to hear about it!
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