Monday, October 10, 2011

It's Monday, Time for Mail Call!

This week I have 3 letters to share from my Compassion International kids. 2 of the letters were from one of my frequent writers, Sheena from the Philippines (written 1 day apart!) and the other was a nice letter from Dahyana in Colombia.

Monday or Tuesday of last week is when I received on the say day my 2 letters from my excellent letter writer Sheena. She's 18 years old, and such an amazing young lady, full of love. One of the letters was a thank you letter fro her birthday gift. She tells me that she bought cologne, slippers and sandals. And that she is excited to use them all every Sunday. I'm wondering if the 'slippers' may be what teenagers in the states call flats, or if they are some sort of a house shoe. She also tells me "God knows that your heard is good and kind. I really thankful to God for giving me a loving sponsor." She is such a sweetheart! She also told me that her preliminary exam was so high and she couldn't believe she got such a high grade. And that she couldn't have done it without God. I'm so proud of her!

 New letter Head ^

Her second letter was a response letter, but totally different stationary than I have seen before, and I wonder if it is part of the new letter writing guidelines they were talking about on OurCompassion. I was so excited I screamed out loud when I read this letter, my sister looked at me and I started over reading out loud. She told "I have something to tell you that in our church I was chosen to be an assistant youth leader and become a good disciple." Again I'm so proud of the young lady she is growing up to be! She also told me that every Friday night they have a Bible study, and talk about taking care of their bodies, because they are the temple of God, with references to Romans 12:1-10. Her letters didn't always carry much information, but they always carried lots of love. Now I feel they have both, and I am so blessed to have this young lady in my life!

Then a little later in the week I heard from 7 year old Dahyana, show has been writing her own letters from about the age of 6! She is a very intelligent young lady, and I see her with great potential to go far in life! This letter I know is probably part of the new letter writing guidelines because they talked about themeing their letters on certain topics. And at the top is says 'Mi Casa' and she tells me about her house. She tells me "we have moved to a new green house; I like the color green very much! I'm happy because it has two bedrooms and I have my own room." I know her mom recently had a baby, so I'm sure eventually she will be sharing this room, but I do not think she will mind much, because she seemed very excited about this new addition. I know she had mentioned an older brother (I'm guessing to be maybe a 1/2 sibling of her father's, because that photo she had sent a while back, was with her and her mom, and her mom looks very young. Plus she hasn't mentioned much of him, like he may not live with them.), so I don't know if she may have to occasionally share with him or not. She also told me she was approved for her first, second and third school terms. She also told me that her dad is a soldier. It was a very nice letter with a drawing on the back!

Have you received any special mail lately?
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