Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mail Call

Ok, well my intentions were to try and get this blog posted yesterday, but that didn't end up happening, so here is to Mail Call Tuesday this week :)

I received 3 letters this week, one of which was waiting for me in the mail last night when I got home from work. This week from Bolivia is 11 year old Erick, from Peru is 9 year old Zaira, and from Thailand is 8 year old Duangdao. Those are most of my younger kids, and they were all really sweet letters!

First is Zaira from Peru. She has a twin sister my sister sponsors named Zarai. They lost their mother right before Christmas last year, and are living with grandparents from what Compassion was informed, but it looks from the letters they may also be staying with Uncles or Aunts. She thanks me for the extra's I sent with the most recent letter, but then goes on to say "and for all the gifts you always send me." She told me they celebrated mothers day, and that her grandparents are doing fine. She also said they won a sports competition! Not sure in what sport though. She asks "Do you have children and grandparents? If you do not have grandparents do you have a husband?" I just started laughing, not sure where the connection between not having grandparents, and having a husband, but I thought it was cute. I've been sponsoring her for 5 years, and she always seems to asked some of the same questions about kids and a husband, maybe she is being hopeful?!

Next is Duangdao from Thailand. She is a smart young lady, and very talented artist, though I did not get a drawing this time, but she wrote over a page and half by herself in Thai!! And she turns 9 next month! And her handwriting is beautiful! I had asked her previously how to write her name in time, and so on her drawings in the past she writes her name and has in English a label that says 'my name.' So I have attempted to write it on some of my letters back to her. And so she writes "You can write my name correctly. Your handwriting is very beautiful. There are 44 alphabest in the Thai language. You would like to write the word Jesus in Thai." Then the translator has it typed out it is_____ and then the Thai characters!! I was super impressed they did this for me! She then asks if "Can read it? I hope you will be able to write it." Then she goes on to tell me about a summer festival called Songkran, that is celebrated on summer vacation. And that is is the Thai new year and they celebrate with water. She also told me that St. Patrick's festival is new to her. It was one of my best letters from her!

Lastly is one of my more recent additions, Erick from Bolivia. He writes "Happy birthday to your little nephew!" Thought that was sweet, I had written about us celebrating her birthday recently. He told me he does know how to play the game catch and run. I had told him about one we played at camp this year where everybody was 'it' at the same time and how hard it was to try and not get tagged from behind. He goes on to list some games he likes to play "sun and ice", "Angel Mio", and "colores." He tells me his favorite bible verse is Psalms 119:105 "Lamp is your word to my feet and light to my path" and that "I'll never forget you! I say goodby with love." I thought it was super sweet, especially since I haven't been corresponding with him for very long yet.

Have you heard from any of your Compassion International kids recently? I'd love to hear about it!
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