Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday's Mail Call

I'm very excited to share a letter with you this week, from my precious Jose David, in Ecuador. I never grow tired of getting letters from my sponsored children, but especially with such amazing artwork like David sends.

He thanked me for the postcards I sent (ones of Washington). He tells me "God bless you today and always, may your life be in the hands of God." I sure love this kid! I know he has a relationship with Christ, and I know God will continue to use this young man to do great things. He is already part of his church's worship band. 

He also tells me "I will never forget your love." There have been several occasions I have received letters from him, that almost sounds like final letters, but I believe he is one who speaks from his heart and never leaves anything unsaid. David truly inspires me! He also tells me he thanks God for giving him another year of life, and he feels God with him everyday. I know God blessed me when he partnered me with such an amazing young person. I pray I can pour back blessings into his life!

I know the drawing is a little hard to see, but it was pencil only.

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