Thursday, May 3, 2012

My Green

Today I'm linking up with Studio JRU, with Color Your World Challenge. May's color is green, and when I think of green, I'm reminded of my childhood, and the beauty I grew up around.

I grew up in the top left corner of California, among the towering Redwood giants.

 And as a child I remember thinking the Redwoods must touch the sky.


Even the Smith River shines jade-green. My favorite summer activity was swimming for hours in the crystal clear waters.

My old neighborhood, was a tree haven. Most day we played among the trees so well, we would never have been noticed by those who might drive down our dusty dirt road.

I have many memories climbing, and falling from these trees. Either during a game of tag, hide and seek, or even our "explorations." We never stopped coming up with new ideas. The possibilities were as endless as the lush green trees.

I loved growing up, where the green meets blue!

And basking in the remote lush green forestland that occupied my time for so many years.
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