Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tuesday's Mail Call :)

Ok, so a little more silence. Please excuse me, I know several were waiting for my letters I told you last week I knew were coming. I was in a bit of a wait for those letters too.

Saturday was was very excited to see two letters in the mailbox with my name on them! My sister and nephew had received mail in the last few weeks, but the only mail I had received were my updated photos. I was excited to see the smiling faces, but truth is, I was waiting for a letter of some sort.

I'm so happy to let you know we, yes WE, finally received a letter from Shoa. It's a thank you letter for her Christmas gift. I'm slightly disappointed there was no photo attached this year. I would probably not be disappointed at all had I not received photos from Christmas the last two years. But I'm super excited regardless as it really seems like forever since I have heard from her. And that had me a bit concerned.

She is doing well. She begins the letter "How you are you my dear guardian?" This is a unique greeting/opening to her letters. She says she celebrated the holiday at church with God's word, Gospel songs, beverages and sweets. With her Christmas gift money she bough sheets, pants, transport (maybe to the market) and in hand she had a very small amount. I guess she was allowed to keep the left over change basically :)

She mentions the African Cup of Nations is through. (I looked it up, and it's a big football or as us American's refer to it, as soccer, nationals.) She asks prayer for her family and her lessons. And ends the letter "See you in my next letter. I also pray for you. Chao!!"

I also heard from my other Ethiopian child, Tekalign, my other Ethiopian cutie!

It was one of the new form letters, and I have to say, I feel I learned quite a bit! He lives in a town. He sleeps on the floor (option was floor or bed). He gets his water from a tap and his food from the open market. His house is made from both wood and mud. The floor is mud, the roof is corrugated iron sheet. From this info, I feel I can kind of picture his house in my mind. It says he also has electricity in his home, which I would guess to be minimal with the substances his home is made of. He also tells me he washes his clothes with tap water (the other option was river.)

I really have been enjoying all the information I've received through these form letters. This is my second from Tekalign. His other letter was about his family.

Next letter was from my youngest, little Arsang in Thailand. He is only four years old, and his tutor helps him write!

This project worker really tried to make sure I knew Arsang helped write the letter. There is many mention of "Arsang told me..." I really appreciate this.  He tells me he and his family are find. And that every in his family thinks of me much. He thanks me for my letters, telling him of many stories. (Maybe Bible stories I've made mention of)  Arsang is happy to go to the project on Saturday with his friends. They celebrated National Children's day on January 14th. I also got this amazingly colorful drawing!

He's such a little cutie! And he's really growing up. His artwork has improved a lot this last few months!

I received a second Thai letter, from my sweet Duangdao. She nine years old, and writes her own letters in Thai!! I'm so impressed!!!

She is full of questions!! I think she is really coming out of her shell. She asks how I'm doing, and about my health. She asks my favorite season, and what the weather is like. She asks if I like planting flowers and if people in my country plant flowers!

She tells me about how she enjoys studying, and that she is in third grade primary school now. She tells me the weather there is cold in the morning, but always hot in the afternoon. She also tells me she planted flowers in front of her house. Many different kinds. And that's why she asked me about planting flowers. She ends her letter "Love you Much."

Last, but certainly not least, is my precious Sarah, from Uganda. She turns 18 next month, and I've always felt we have had a good bond.

She has really grown up a lot! She has always been so loving and sweet. She opens her letter "my beloved friend Heather." Just about every sentence has the words, my friend in it. It was as if we had an instant bond. She tells me how much her mother loves me also. She is the oldest of three girls, in a single mother household. She requests prayers for her to pass her exam. The end of the first page, her last sentence reads "My friend when are you planning to come to visit me my country Uganda."

My heart stopped at this question. Frozen for a moment, as this is not the first time she has asked me to come visit. She has asked me atleast one other time. And I haven't been able to bring myself to write back some sort of answer. So I leave the question unanswered.

She goes on to tell me "I know that is is long way from your home country to my home country Uganda, and there are valleys and mountains but don't worry because there is God who will make a way for you my friend." Her letter captivates me, and I would love in this instant to jump on a plane, fly to Uganda and give her the biggest hug ever!! And then go attempt to find Carolyne and Dinah and do the same. I would love to meet all my kids, but especially, my dear friend Sarah.

To make this amazing letter even better, there was a photo stapled to the top!

I'm amazed by these young people. Their letters inspire me. The increase my faith, as I watch God do things in their lives. I'm so thankful to be called their friend; their sponsor. Thank you God for blessing me through these amazing young people!
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