Monday, February 6, 2012

YAH it's Monday!

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Ok, so the only mail I got last week was on Monday, but it was plenty to last all week long. I received three beautiful letters from some amazing young people. I'll start from youngest to oldest.

Zaira is almost 10 years old, and is from Peru. She does write her own letters, but doesn't always have many details. I have been sponsoring her the longest, about 6 years, and my sister sponsor her twin sister, Zarai. And while Zaira didn't put much in her letter, it was nice to see Zarai's letter was full of information. They lost their mother a little over a year ago, and live with a grandmother, and I'm thinking possibly uncles and aunts, as she often asks for prayers for them also.

She thanks me for the letter, ad tells me she plays cat & mouse and chains with her siblings (I asked about games in a previous letter). She tells me she is praying for me, and wants to know how I am doing. And ends her letter with a hug and kiss.

Next was is my dear David who is 16 from Ecuador. As I looked at the date on the letter I was a bit excited as he wrote is on my birthday. But then realized it took six months to the day to arrive. I think it must have been stuck on the bottom of a translation pile.

David told me about his recent participation in his church's praise band. And how it's their turn to minister to the congregation on Wednesday nights. I wonder if it's like a youth band/youth service? He also mentions praying for me and my whole family's wellness since he heard the news of the tornado. (It was nowhere near where I live) I feel bad thinking of him worrying about me, I know how much I worry when I hear of natural disasters in any of the countries my kids live. Especially when I'm unsure of where it is, in coordination to my kids. He's also spent time lately learning to play the drums.

I really liked his drawing on the back of the letter. Reminds me of Hermie! Such a talented young man, gifted in art and music.

And last, but certainly not least, is the most amazing letter I received from my oldest, 19 year old Karabukirwa, from Rwanda.

Karabukirwa turns 20 years old in April, and I started sponsoring her over the summer, when I was between jobs. God laid her on my heart, and this letter really showed me how glad I was to be obedient in sponsoring her. This letter holds the record for the longest letter I've ever received! She wrote front and back of 2 letter heads! (roughly a half page each side) When translated it filled the front and back of one sheet and another half sheet.

She tells me she's glad to write me again. She says "I was happy with your letters and preaching words of God. I understand it well and used it to help others, and it changed them a lot." She tells me to read Proverbs 4:23 because it correlates to her birthday. And those are God's first words she knew. After she is done studying she wants to work with many people to help them spiritually.

Her pigs, goats and sheep are all doing alright. Her grandmother passed away on the 20th of November, shortly before she wrote her letter. And I absolutely love her prayer request. "Pray for me so that God opens me eyes to know the devil's ways, because it would make me sad if I don't join you in the kingdom of God."

She wrote about her choir, and hold position as secretary, also. I truly love this young lady, and I know God has great things in store for her.

Did you receive any amazing mail last week?
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