Thursday, February 9, 2012

Meet My Child-Erick

Well, today's the day I take the opportunity to introduce you, to one of my Compassion International kiddos. My kids are such a big part of my life, and I enjoying telling others about them, whenever I get the chance. So I've choose each week to introduce you to one of these special people. My hope is that through these introductions, you are spurred to develop a deeper relationship with your sponsored children, or take up the challenge of child sponsorship yourself.

The last two week's introductions, have highlighted the lives of two young boys. So i thought I'd introduce you to the last of my boys, 11 year old Erick, from Bolivia.

I've been corresponding with Erick for 9 months or so, and he's quite chatty boy. He likes to change topics often in his letters. He recently told me they would be demolishing his school at the end of the school year, and they were building a new school. He seemed very excited!
I know he also has a dog that is quite older, that he's worried about dying soon. He's a very talented artist, and I always received a nice drawing on the front of his letters. There are a couple of boys in the family, but he seems to be quite respectful and well behaved. I look forward to getting to know Erick better in the years to come!

Here's the photo of him from last year. I love his dress shirt!

And when I asked for a previous photo, this is the cute little boy I saw!
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