Monday, December 19, 2011

Monday Mail Call

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This week I was blessed with one letter. One precious letter from my Compassion International kids.

Each letter I treasure, just as I treasure each and every child that God has bless me to encourage through letters and befriend half way around the world. While I may never get to physically hug or meet any of these precious children, I am able to connect through each and every letter we exchange. It's through these letters I better understand who the faces of poverty are.

Not just that extreme poverty exists and I'm helplessly unable to do anything. But in a very tangible way, I know God has used some simple letters to lift the spirits of these youth; the generation of tomorrow. And these letters, along with sponsorship are changing the lives of young people forever!

This week's letter was from 18 year old Sheena in the Philippines. While last week I noticed her profile information was updated along with her photo (which was updated for a while), I also noticed the information said she wasn't attending school; she dropped out due to peer pressure. While her letters have never mentioned anything with the exception of a change in degrees, I would appreciate prayers for her. I did ask if Compassion could look more into the situation also.

She referenced me in this letter as sister Heather. We've become quite close, and because we are so close in age, we are more like sisters. She tells me of a new teacher at the center named Maam Elvie and how she is very nice and caring with both her and her other classmates.

She mentioned more about her Youth Completion Program Fellowship and how people came in and gave their testimonies and were very encouraging. She also mentioned a guest speaker that talked about needing to be a good example to their friends and other classmates.

She mentioned she is not working right now, but if she has the opportunity to work she will "grab" it. The extra money will be for her needs and school needs. And she again asks for prayers for her exams. I know she did much better than she expected to last time. I pray she continues to excel and gain confidence in who God has created her to be!

Have you received any letters from your kids lately? Or more specifically any Christmas letters? I haven't received any Christmas letters, but I believe it was Sheena in a few letters back did mention they were preparing for Christmas celebration.
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