Monday, November 7, 2011

Mail Call Monday

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Well, this week I received one letter from my dear David in Ecaudor, whom I wrote more about here. I can't believe in less than a month he turns 15 years old!

This was not a response letter per say, but what they consider one of the regular scheduled letters. After greeting me, he asks if I have any friends. I thought maybe he was asking something more specific, so I looked at the Spanish, and he literally asked 'Do you have friends?' So I thought about that, and I don't know that I have ever mentioned much about friends. Family, yes, but friends I can't really recall. I guess I'll have to write him online with Compassion's new letter writing templates and attach photos of my friends at he bottom :)

He tells me his school holidays are over, but that he did many things during that time. I can hear the excitement as he tells me he had some music lessons and improved how to play several musical instruments. I know that this is something that is not offered at school, as I asked if there were music programs in his school. He tells me "God has given me some gifts and I want to worship Him and shout how great He is." He goes on to tell me that his mission group is organizing and another campaign and Bible conference, and they are rehearsing a lot of worship songs.

I love receiving letters from David. They are always so full of life and details. I'm so thankful God has brought such an amazing young man into my life for me to encourage, because I know David brings so much encouragement back to me!

He is a bright young man so full of hope, for all God is doing and going to do!
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