Thursday, November 3, 2011

La Iglesia Peregrinos de Fe

Again I decided to search out more information about some of the towns and churches where some of my Compassion International sponsored children live. I was so excited when I found the video of Mame Aba's church, and then I found this:

A video of the project my sister and I's twins, Zarai and Zaira, in Peru attend. This is an older video from 2009, but there are pictures from the field day both girls wrote about in their letter. We also received additional photos with that letter! While I can't put my finger on any of the kids and say "THAT'S HER!" I am excited to see more into her life through this video.

Also towards the end, you can see they were having some sort of celebration or ceremony with the parents. Some of the parents with tears in their eyes as they receive flowers. I can only begin to imagine, the joy and hope that fills these parents eyes as they see how Compassion is enabling a transformation of their child, and helping lift them from their circumstances of poverty. Look at the hope in the eyes of these children, and know Compassion is making the difference in the life of a child at a time.

Here is a young lady, Lesli, from this same project. She is waiting for her sponsor. Someone to write to her, tell her she's loved and cared about. Someone who will pray for her and help bring her hope. Click on her photo and it will take you to her profile on Compassion's website.
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