Friday, November 18, 2011

I Dare You!

As my sister and I were talking about the roof last night, and what we could do to our 40 plus year old moble home, to keep the roof from leaking, my four year old nephew, Jonathan ask, "Will we have snow in the house in the morning?"

The weather has got cold and fast, and all the kids can think about is when we will get snow. Because where we live is desert like, we really don't get much rain, but we do get snow in the winter. And my sister is concerned when the snow starts to melt, the roof will start to leak in places. There's already some watermarking on the edges of the ceilings. But my nephew's question really kind of made me laugh.

This morning when he wakes up, he asked if it snowed. I regrettably had to tell him no. But then that conversation last night just kept designating in me. And how in my most recent letter from Karabukirwa, she asks for prayer for her mother, while they renovate their house.

You see, these renovations are not for fun or pleasure. Her mom was required by the government, to make certain renovations to their home. The simple fact that she lives in a third world country, Rwanda, and the government is requiring this of them, makes me try to imagine the deplorable conditions she must be living in, with her single mother and two younger sisters.

One could say I live below the federal poverty level here in the United States (not saying to brag). If you're curious about income levels, look here.  And almost half the world, which is over three billion people, live on less than $2.50 a day. Even more staggering of a statistic is 80% of humanity live on less than $10 a day!! (source: Global Issues) And all of the sudden my more complex problems seem to fade, to the more complex issues of those who desperately trying just to survive daily, let alone provide for the safety and other needs of their families.

While these statistics may seem overwhelming, you can do something to change them. You can change the world, one child at a time. You can come along side a child, living in extreme poverty. Help educate, train up, provide basic needs, and encourage through your letters. You can combat the lies of poverty that say "Nobody cares," "You will are worth nothing," and "Why try?" You can sponsor a child through Compassion International, and watch the live of that child be transformed! Go ahead, browse through the photos on in the link, I dare you to bring hope to a child living in extreme!
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