Monday, October 31, 2011

YAH! For Monday

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Welcome to this week's addition of Mail Call Monday! I had the pleasure of receiving letters from 2 of my Compassion International kids this week. And I was delighted to open each precious letter.

My first letter this week was from 14 year old Mwanaidi from Tanzania. I just recently received her updated photo, and was excited to hear from her also. She write frequently, but my letters are not usually filled with as many details as she provided this time. It was so nice to learn so much more about her.

She tells me she is doing well in her studies, and they "learn different types of subjects such as chemistry, geography and biology." She definitely sounds well educated, especially for a 14 year old! She also told me "we learn the Word of God from Joshua ch. 6." She also told me they take a short school break in September. And that in December they will be celebrating Christmas. She mentioned "the weather is good and we are preparing our farm for planting corn for irrigation in the month of August which goes up to November." (I think she meant they start harvesting in August, but can harvest for up until November. I know around here they put the crops in the ground early, way sooner than I would have imagine prior to talking to some seniors that use to do lots of farming.) She also drew me a simple drawing of a flower and a cross, just like last time. I do not believe art to be her best subject :) but I love that she tries. Also, Tanzania's stationary was new this time around. The heading says "Cheerful Greetings" with Phil. 4:4 on it.

My Second letter was 11 year old Pendila in Ghana. The date of the letter was October 11th and I received it Friday!! Not even 3 weeks! I can't hardly believe it! But excited none the less.

I had asked how often she goes to the project and she told me "every Saturday in the month." I had also asked why she had a green uniform in one photo, and a yellow uniform in her Christmas photo last year. She told me the green uniform was for school and the yellow uniform for the project. So in this letter she asks "Why do you like the yellow uniform for the project?" I was also informed she was promoted to primary 5, which makes me wonder why she is not back to writing her own letters. She wrote a few letters on her own, about a year ago, but ever since the project workers have been helping both her and her sister Priscilla write their letters.

Under the 'I would like to know more about' section she says "I would like to know more about what Jonathan and Nathanael are learning at church"-my nephews :) Her prayer request is for more wisdom, not only for her self, but for her twin sister also! And her memory verse is Judges 5:31 "May all your enemies die like that O Lord, but may your friends shine like the rising star." I found that to be an interesting memory verse. I'll have to ask her more about what she was learning.

Lastly I heard from 'My dear best friend Sarah' She is 17 years old and from Uganda.

She always addresses each letter 'my dear best friend Heather.' She is a young lady who came to me with a bit of a sad story. She had a sponsor many years, but because it was a company who sponsored many children, she had no one to write her letters. So she went I believe almost 9 years without ever receiving a reply to the 3 letters she wrote each year, to the sponsor she loved dearly. And so I take my job of writing her even more seriously, because I want her to understand God's love in a tangible way. She writes in english, but you can tell it is not her first language. And she writes my friend at the beginning of each sentence of this letter, making it a little hard to read, but just saturated with love! I feel blessed to be a part of this young lady's life.

She tells me her mother and sisters also send their greetings. She tells me her studies are not good and she needs prayers. So any extra prayers for her studies would be appreciated! She also tells me her family members are very happy with my letters. Which means Christ's tangible love is spilling over into her family! She tells me she has 4 goats. And in previous letters I told her about our goats, and her last letter she greets me, and my family, and prayers we are in good health and also our goats! It was cute! She also tells me she likes to read her bible all the time. She tells me that Jesus told his disciple to love your neighbor as yourself, and that "I love you my beloved friend and you know that God is my Savior and Creator." I was excited for her to actually tell me she knows Jesus as her Savior! She wrote all of the front and back of the letter this time! That is a first! I am so proud of her, and I know that if she is struggling in school, letter writing should help her academically. She told me the names of her sisters, Allen and Emily, and that it is the wet season in her country. She told me this in reply to questions I had asked her. Also, math is her favorite subject!

I had also written her telling her the meaning of her name Sarah, is Princess. And she told me she didn't know that. She also mentioned every year on October 9th Uganda celebrates their independence day. She signs her letters "Your faithful daughter, Sarah." Another thing I noticed with all her letters is the Uganda stationary has little animals down the sides of it, and she has taken the time, as a 17 year old! to color those little animals in every time!

Thanks to Michelle over at Blogging from the Boonies for the use of her handy mail call button. She posts letters every week and also uses a cool linkin feature for other Compassion International sponsors to share their letters. So check it out.
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