Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pumpkin Patch Adventure Two!

Last weekend we decided to make a trip to another pumpkin patch we visited last year, where they also had a straw maze and games for the kids. This year they also had built out of straw bales a really tall slide! They used the bales as steps up the back, had a wood platform up top, and then braced the slide down "steps of bales" down the front. My nephews had tons of fun, and so I thought I'd share some more pictures:

Climbing up the back

Up top!

Down he comes...repeated about 10 times :)

Brother's turn. And here comes Uncle Tom!

Contemplating his decision to go down

Brother gave him a bit of the boot
Ut Oh...will Uncle Tom fit?!


After the slide and games they got to pick out a small pumpkin that was part of cost for playing the games. This became quite the task. Partly because there were so many pumpkins, and then partly because so many of the pumpkins were so big!

Just too many to choose from for an indecisive little boy!

Not perfectly round

The stem was too poky

Too big

Nate found one...maybe

Jonathan found one, but then decided something wasn't right about it...not sure what

Look what I found!

No stem

Look what I found! It's green!

I'm not sure which pumpkin Jonathan actually decided on, but he finally made the decision so he could go play some more games and in the straw maze again. They had Disney characters they had to find in the maze to win a prize, and on of them was Nate's favorite!


He decided to lead the way

Jonathan insisted it was hay!

It was a lot of fun, and we'll probably go back again next year. Like I said we went last year too. It was something the Kiwana's of Quincy put on, and have decided to make an annual event of. What kind of fall festivities have you joined in?
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