Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday Mail Call

I enjoy sharing the letters I receive from my Compassion International kids, any chance I get. So every Monday I plan on sharing the joy of my letters from the previous week.

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This week we had an exceptional mail day Friday. Prior to Friday I hadn't received any letters, but on Friday I received 3, my sister received 3, my nephew received 1 and the youth group also received 1! So that was 8 letters total. I think that is probably close to a record, if not the record. Then another 2 letters from my boys on Saturday. So I have 5 letters in total to share today.

First was "My Holiday Plans" letter from Penidila in Ghana who is 11 years old.

My sister sponsors her twins sister Priscilla, and so 2 of the letters Friday were from Ghana. I also noticed Michelle this week received the same type letter from her Precious in Ghana. I received this letter a couple weeks back from my other girl in Ghana, Mame Aba. But she lives in a sister, which I'm sure makes for quicker transit time on her letters. Anyway, this letter is very much a form type letter, but is often times filled with lots of information. Pendila tells me at the project she is learning to operated a computer! And at home she will sweep and fetch water (this must be her chore as she has mentioned fetching water often in her letters and asked who in our house had to fetch the water. I then tried to explain the blessing of having plumbing with water into our house) and help her mother with selling. And I thought her prayer request was cute, she asked "please pray for me to be a good girl always." And this is not the first time she has asked for prayer to be a good girl. But most common of her prayer requests is for more wisdom...what a smart girl! I think she is now learning to use a ruler to draw straight lines, as her drawing is of a house with very straight lines. And a table with very straight lines.

Next was another from 14 year old Mwanaidi in Tanzania.

She writes "Thank you for the letter which you sent me. I am doing fine with my lessons at school and I like math, Swahili, history and social studies." She sounds like a very smart girl who really enjoys school. If she likes all those subjects, I wonder which ones she isn't fond of? She is 14, and so I don't always expect a drawing from my older kids (with the exception of a few), but there is a place on the back of the letter for a drawing, so I think she probably feels she must draw something. She drew a flower and a cross, but didn't color it in. I am thankful that she did decided to fill the paper in a bit more, even if that might be something she doesn't enjoy.

Then I hear from the 17 year old Sarah from Uganda.

This young lady is very dear to my heart. I had asked Compassion about her history, and she has been in the project since about age 9, and had a faithful sponsor who sent in the monthly support, but never wrote. The first letter I received from Sarah was so full of love and excitement from hearing from her sponsor. She always starts her letter "Dear my best friend..." I feel very privileged to have such a special young lady in my life. This is the second letter (out of 3) that she has mentioned this. "I have a desire to see you face to face." I would love to have this opportunity, but for fear that I may never, I haven't mentioned in any of my letters I would like to meet her to. I have heard of others who mentioned a desire and their kids thought they were coming. I would hate to disappoint this young lady. She also says "I need prayer to be promoted to grade seven." I have a feeling from her other letter she struggles some in school. And she signs her letter "Your loving daughter." This is my second child from Uganda, and I have really fallen in love with this country.

And then I received a letter from my youngest, little Arsang is 4 and from Thailand.

His project worker writes on his behalf. He writes "He feels very glad you wrote to him and told him many things about you. He would like to thank you for your admiration that he can draw well. He told me that he will try to draw better than this." That part just melted my heart. That he wanted to draw even better this time for me. He thanked me for some of the things I sent him (some Noah's ark cut outs) and told me that "his family knows and they believe and trust in the Lord and feel so warm." I'm glad he is in a Christian household, to encourage him. Here is his artwork:

Last, but certainly not least is 11 year old Erick from Bolivia.

This is only my second letter from and the first thing that caught my attention first is wow, I have another artist on my hands. Not only did he draw a very nice portrait of Jesus hugging a little girl, but he used beautiful bold colors on it too! He writes "I'm praying for you. I wish you all the best in your job. I tell you I am earning good grades at school. I'm the best of my siblings." I know there are 3 siblings, but I'm not sure of their ages. I thought this to be a cute remark. He also says "Let me tell you taht we played a famous game called "Tunca-Tungui"; we played it in the street." I have to do some more exploring into this. I asked a fellow advocate who spends quite a bit of time in Bolivia, and he said this was the first he has heard of this game. Erick also mentioned right after the game remark "When I saw my friend, she was chubby and my brothers told me that she was pregnant. I am very happy for her." I'm hoping this is a family friend, and not a school aged friend who is pregnant, but I'm not really sure by this letter. A very nice all around letter, and I'm really enjoying getting to know this young man. Here is his marvelous drawing I was bragging about :

I hope you enjoy these letters, and feel free to share any of your letters from your kids. Or if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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