Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday Mail Call

Ok, so I have really been enjoying reading from other's blogs about their letters they receive from their Compassion International kids, that I thought I would post some excerpts from mine. And since Michelle at Blogging from the Boonies created such a nice button for such an occasion, I thought I would give it a try.

Mail Call Button

So this last week I received quite a few letters, which isn't always the case. I received 2 letters from 16 year old David in Ecuador. He wrote in one letter " I thank you of my heart for all your prayers. When I heard that God told you to pray for me I was so happy and motivated to go forward. I also love you very much, as well I pray a lot for you." I've been corresponding with David for over 2 years, and he writes the most beautiful letters and always draws something on the back, which I have found quite the unusual treat for a young man of his age. He is an amazing artist and musician who really loves the Lord. In his other letter he wrote "It has also been a happy year for me too since I have gotten your letters more often." This is proof of how much your letter matter, and what a change the can make in the life of a young person!

I also hear from 14 year old Mwanaidi in Tanzania. This is only my second letter from her! She writes "I am so happy to see the letter you send me. I am happy to see the question from you. We at my home do not keep any domestic animal." This makes me wonder if she does not have a dog, but maybe has livestock, or chickens or something instead, since the word domestic was entered. Guess I have another question to ask later on :)

Last but not least is my dear little sister Sheena in the Philippines. I hear from her often, and she writes in English, which is nice. She just turned 18, and attends college. She writes "You are such a great blessing to me. I love you and I hope we could meet in the future, so that I could say my thank you personally." Why I would love to be able to meet her in person, and give her the biggest hug! I don't know that it will ever be possible, but I do have an opportunity to send a small gift with a fellow sponsor who is traveling to the Philippines this winter. I'm excited to be able to have this opportunity.

I hope you enjoyed my tidbits from my letters. If you are a sponsor and have recently received a letter, go ahead and share about it in the comments below. I love hearing about other's letters. And if you are a sponsor and haven't heard from your kids lately, I encourage you to write even a short note of encouragement to your child while you are waiting to hear from them. It will certainly brighten their day!
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